Get on the Case

Quiet heart

Hey guys! My name's Casey Colon. I'm an artist based out on Long Island, New York. I'm a singer/songwriter, who primarily does, soul, rnb, and jazz. I'm 22 years of age, and with each day passing, I feel the love for what I do grows. I like to take from the life experiences, lessons, and observations of those around me and put as much of my soul as I can into my music. I'm also very fond of making something special and unique for my listeners, something they will never forget and appreciate. My biggest influences are: John Legend, Maroon 5, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, and Miguel. I love to listen and learn from those before me, and love mixing old with new, because I believe a sound can never die, but an age can. And I really love to take homage, to some of the greatest performers, Freddy Mercury, and Michael Jackson, to see the passion put on stage by these icons, is the way I want to bring it one day. God has equipped me with all the tools necessary, and when he calls on me, I will be ready. So, I really thank you for reading this far, and want you to know, that I would've stopped a long time ago, had I not felt, that I could change lives and better equip mine, so please take a listen, and provide feed back. Humility, is the fertilizer of success, so be as honest as possible, and I will take, pray, and learn. ;)