Deanna Davis-Cannon

Change The Life

Since the age of 12, when the school’s band teacher sought her out and gave her a mouthpiece to take home and learn to blow, music has always found its way to laraina_c. Never one to look a gift mouthpiece in the reed—or something like that—laraina_c taught herself well enough to earn access to the whole clarinet within a week, and by the time she finished middle school she had also learned to play the saxophone, flute, oboe and bassoon. After being lost from music for many years, laraina_c is finding her way back. She is growing out of her established roots as a woodwindist—although she still plays clarinet and alto sax for her college band while completing a degree in IT—and is blossoming into a vocal performer and recording artist nourished by her self-taught acumen with the digital audio workstation. laraina_c is guided by the experience of her “day job” as an IT systems manager, which has shown her that communication is an incredibly powerful tool. Her deepest desire is to utilize the communicative power of music to connect with people, move people meaningfully, and provide aural escapes in which her listeners can experience peace and regeneration. Certified as a Master in Writing and Producing from Berklee College of Music, and a member of both the Recording Academy and Audio Engineering Society, laraina_c continues to study music theory and ear training, and plans to further her musical career by performing with live bands, becoming a leading audio Mix Engineer, and completing her first CD, “My First Time.”