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Alter Ego

Official Soundcloud for Music Producer, DJ iShine All beats on site are for promotional use and are released to mutual consent with iShine and artist Email for donations to get full leases. Music on this Soundcloud have been filed with Doing Justice iShine (LLC) and illegally duplicating any of these recordings without permission is prohibited -------------------------------------------------------- Since 2003, I have been making beats....2006, I became a music producer...2008, I adopted the moniker DJ iShine After graduating college, building a label from the ground up, and making a name for myself as a's my turn to take over. My beats are made with soul, passion and thought. I treat my fans as my family and not a number ******************DISCLAIMER************************* I only got 3 rules on my soundcloud 1) GENUINELY follow me if you like my music 2) DON'T follow me just for a comment shout out 3) Don't follow me for an automatic followback I don't appreciate it when people follow me just to get a shout out or a followback. I genuinely love my followers so if you do it, you are being a wolf in sheep clothes. If you want people to appreciate your music and generate a loyal fan base, be actually a genuine person not a thirsty asshole. Please don't do that it makes me mad ******************************************* -Production Credits- 2009 "Thought Process" - Jéan P (Album) "The Dummy" - DC King of Hearts (Album) "Suite 11" - DJ iShine (Album) 2010 "A Rhyme and a Dream" - Jéan P (Album) "Tales From The Flask" - DC King of Hearts (Album) "The Letter P" - Jéan P (Single) "SkyHigh" - Jéan P (Single) Pain - DC King of Hearts (Album) "Talledega Nights" - Jéan P (Single) "Cheat Codes" - Jéan P (Single) 2011 "Missiles" - DJ iShine (Album) "Bombs" - DJ iShine (Album) "Pleasure" - DC King of Hearts (Album) "Space in Between" - DC King of Hearts (Album) "Don't Look Back" - Jéan P (Single) 2012 "They Love the Gangstas" - Adam Reverie (Single) "Losers" - Jéan P (Single) "Suite 11: The Registration" - DJ iShine (Compilation) "Growing Pains" - TU$ veranos (Single) "Greenhouse" - DC King of Hearts (Single) "Switchin Lanes" - Raven Seiara (Album) "Linwood Roots" - Adam Reverie (Single) "Cras Visum" - DJ iShine (Album) 2013 "Silver Dreamz" - Dr.Eamz (Single) "Late Nights" - B.Smith The Messiyah ft Tha Rift (Single)