Dj STban

Emission Radio1 master

Since his 18 years he began to mix in the brazilian toulouse bar Le Caribe as redident dj . After he changes to mix in a special latin bar calledd El Dorado!!! There He made people dance with his homie and best friend pablo emilio dj as well!! Then He changes for the latin bar El Barrio Latino there he stay for a year and then changes to ggo to Brussels to integrate a specialized school in the domain of sound !!! There he tried to be accept in but It was no way!!! IAD AND INSAS wwasn't the way:!! So i found a new work in deejaying and played in the brazilian bar in brussels called CAnoa Quebrada!!! rue marché aux charbons 1000 Brussels!!! I spend a year there as resident and then came back to Toulouse His alwauys loved V ille ROse!!!! Big Up TO ALLL DJ AND workers in sound !!!!!! Facebook - Esteban Tamayo