Jordan La'Marcus Moore


My name is Jordan and I love music all types of music. I am openly gay male artist who was assaulted with a bat my my ex boyfriend as well as my 60 year old grandmother being hit with a bat. I had 16 staples to my head and he stole everything from me that I ever had to my name. He was infected with H.I.V and I wasn't aware and he knew he had it for 2 years. I am now praying that I am not H.I.V Positive because this here is a nightmare. Music saved my life. I almost committed suicide a few days later. I was found in a ditch with by car glass windows busted out I was off 5 different pills I wanted to die. He took everything I ever had and left me for dead. Music is the only outlet I have. I am broke and struggling trying to make it and I'm only about to turn 21. I wrote this song for anyone who has a story or knows where I am coming from its entitle #4BeautifulGirlz. Music SAVED MY LIFE!!!