Lamar Lendore

@LamarLendore - Mary, Molly

I'm a 17 yr old, scrawny little kid from Toronto, Canada who really wants to perform his music in front of thousands. I mean, I would do anything to make it. Everyday I wake up music and performing is on my mind. When I go to my studio and record I just hope that this will be the one that will set me off. I keep my hopes high. My music is me being me with influences by Kendrick Lamar, Lil B, Michael Jackson and Prince. Although lately I've put out rap music I am primarily a singer. I want this Grammy amplifier to help me take my music to the next level and even help me get a deal. I promise you that I have what it takes; I could sing, dance, rap, write, perform, make my own beats, you name it. I hope that you all will like my music. I have a little fanbase that enjoys my music also, so I know I'm doing something right. Please, I really don't know where else i'm going to go in life. Being an entertainer has been my goal ever since I was 3 and I even saw footage of myself doing just this. Oh, and i'm gorgeous!